Biblioteca taurina

Catálogo de la biblioteca taurina de Luis Carmena y Millán, published in 1903 in Madrid.

A bibliography of the library of bullfighting-related materials of Luis Carmena y Millan. The title page claims that only fifty copies were made, and if all of them were made like this one, we can see why. This is a limp vellum binding, which one is more likely to see on books from the 18th century or earlier. In addition to the leather onlays and clasps (at any rate I think they're clasps), the cover has been lettered by hand in elaborate calligraphy.

Conversely, the interior of the book is printed cheaply on low-quality, acidic paper.

The one scanned copy I've found online clearly shows a basic, unexceptional cloth binding, which makes me wonder whether this lavish treatment was a one-off, commissioned by the purchaser. In this case, it's a truly unique artifact.

Click the image below for a big version, scanned at 300dpi at full size.


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